Afternoon light

was magic. 

Drum circle

@ 65th C was

played by one rock drummer;

he played “Get on up”

like a funk king—

Easter Sundays 

I used to see

kites flying

in the park,

but Central Park 

is so full

of budding trees

and masked people.

In Strawberry Fields,

a man wearing 

a Harley T-shirt

played “No woman,

no cry” on his guitar

and a lady

played “All you need

is love” on her guitar 

as pink-haired girls 

took pictures of

the IMAGINE plaque.

A year ago,

the park was empty.

Now the afternoon 

light shines on 

all of us.

The rain began to fall at 7 pm,

but we were not fools tonight.

We stayed home fresh & dry

as the restaurants opened outside—

But we were not fools tonight:

we told jokes & made popcorn

as the restaurants opened outside.

We entertained ourselves! 

We told jokes & made popcorn,

& we drank wine & made pasta.

We entertained ourselves.

Sex was on the menu—

& we drank wine & made pasta.

We stayed home, fresh & dry.

Sex was on the menu.

The rain began to fall at 7 pm.