I am often torn between two worlds: Music and Poetry. Will they ever interconnect? (Somewhat…once a year….).

Born in the Southwest, I now live in the Northeast, still far-sick for the entire world. Let’s go walking!

Born in Norman, Oklahoma, Carrie Magness Radna is an archival audiovisual cataloger at the New York Public Library, a singer, a lyricist-songwriter, and a poet who loves to travel.


Her poems have previously appeared in the Oracular Tree, Tuck Magazine, Muddy River Poetry Review, First Literary Review-East, Mediterranean Poetry, Shot Glass Journal, The Poetic Bond VIII and The Poetic Bond IX, Polarity e-Magazine, and The spirit, it travels: an anthology of transcendent poetry (Cosmographia: published August 3, 2019), and will be published in Nomad’s Choir and Walt’s Corner.

Her first chapbook, Conversations with dead composers at Carnegie Hall (Flutter Press) was published on January 18, 2019, and Remembering you as I go walking (Boxwood Star Press) was published on August 23, 2019. Her first poetry collection, Hurricanes never apologize (Luchador Press) was published on December 4, 2019.

She won third prize for “The tunnel” (Category: Words on the Wall: All-Genre Prompt) at the 69th annual Philadelphia Writers’ Conference (2017). She also won 12th place “Lily (no. 48 of Women’s names sensual series)” by the 2018 Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards.

She is a member of the Greater New York Music Library Association (GNYMLA), and is a member of the New York Poetry Forum, Parkside Poets, Riverside Poets, Brownstone Poets and Nomad’s Choir. When she’s not performing classical choral works with Riverside Choral Society or New Year’s Eve performances with the New York Festival Singers, or writing art song lyrics with her choir buddies, or traveling, she lives with her husband Rudolf in Manhattan.


After earning her Bachelors in Music at Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS in 1994, she sang in pick-up choir groups and summer sings at the University of Oklahoma’s music department. After briefly attending both Oklahoma Central University (1995) and Southwestern Oklahoma State University (1996-1997), she resumed her studies after a short break and earned her Masters in Library Science at the University of Oklahoma (OU) in 2002, and working in OU’s Bizzell Library.

In 2004, she moved to New York City, becoming an audiovisual cataloger for the Wilson Project and the Special Formats/Collections at the New York Public Library.

She sings with Riverside Choral Society (since 2011), sang with Riverdale Choral Society (2009-2011) and sometimes sings with New York Festival Singers for their New Year concerts and Sings soloist (since 2016). She has sung at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and many other NYC venues.

She also writes music, but only once a year…some of her poems are set to song by Mark Fiedler:
1. Down to Eden (c2018)
2. Serenade: Autumn sweater (c2017 & 2019)
3. The lady who lunches (c2019).