Chimera of Arezzo

My ex reminded me of a chimera;

he was both a snake and a

lion who breathes fire;

he wore his two faces well.

His dashing Tuscan good looks

snared me at first glance; his pidgin English

sounded so sexy in his Sienese accent,

and he loved to collect art

made in my the Etruscan Age.

But jerks don’t stay hidden for long.

His anger boiled over constantly

when his ragu was a-salted,

and when the neighboring

wine selections would taste

like random vinegars.

All Americans were stupid;

I wasn’t at first,

but when I counterattacked

with my dizzying intellect,

which was my Pegasus—

He found a dark companion;

and screwed her brains out,

so we were soon done.

I don’t date monsters.

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