Cult of opioids: version 1

Entering back into the womb,

it’s what being on opioids is like:

a curling inward in a warm, safe place,

your mind checking out temporarily

as the Universe forgets your existence;

the original pain is numbed, defanged,

de-categorized into a nice rumbling under the skin,

attention-span is wearing thin as the pain

still hangs out in the background, smoking,

causing you to piss and puke acid at odd moments.

I see why the cult of dependency is what it is.

People don’t like or even want to deal with the pain

in real-time; life should be hazy & lazy

because real life sucks ass. Many cousins of mine

are lifetime believers & followers of the cult of opioids.

They are damaged, distraught individuals.

I was taught not to do this. Only Tylenol for pains,

nothing more. Even on Tylenol, I have trouble

reclaiming my words, they drift in & out of the tunnel

too fast, as I remain still, my lower back still strained,

the pain sucking ass.

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