Election Night 2020, 7 pm EDT

They raise sheep in Indiana;

that’s why Mr. Cheetos Shithead

is winning there—a long night

awaits the wicked and the pure believers. 

Blue power is not enough to win the brass ring

of politics. Last time we lost hard,

and it might take weeks to mull over

and count every single American vote.

Don’t know—don’t be afraid of the pain, 

the meditation masters have said—

but the scars of Nixon, the Bushes and Cheeto 

still cut our country deep; red blood gushing 

for many years in the Senate. The blood 

of the dead by COVID is not swept up, sanitized, forgotten. 

We won’t forget 2020 for many decades and centuries; 

instant karma will come to collect the ruffians, 

empty their pockets of influence. 

But election night in 2016 almost promised a Democratic victory. 

Many hearts were pulverized and broken—

all we can do is wait; waiting is the hardest part.

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