Quietness, stillness is a temporary resolution,
after a paradigm shift shakes souls to their very true cores.
There’s a slight breather before the storm,
before the believers move in their humbling, clumsy,
aligned pantomime, waiting to be saved—
Death is unavoidable.
Doomed to leave this life unmarked by sorrow, fear and anger,
we make peace with some of the man-made muck,
while wondering through over-grown forests
we had never visited before,
without a torch to tell us where to step next…
I want to wake up in the next world
when it is time to go, when my time is up,
not before, not after
my heart has found true peace,
when I finally make my way
out of the forest,
after finding its overgrown heart,
and sadness’s threat
is over.

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