Going back to Pennsylvania

Going back to Pennsylvania,
we’re leaving Saturday morning.

Storm’s coming without warning,
that’s why we’re leaving.

Deb’s got a niece
celebrating her birthday;
it’s going to be a happy day.

We’re leaving our men at home
so we can have some time to roam.
We both need a break from our homes.

Can’t wait to visit the Amish,
buy some apples at a fruit stand;
the pretzels at Tom Sturgis
are the best in the land.

And the rest stop in Delaware
is immense; it’s where
the whole state comes
to vent…

Not trying to circumvent
any situation,
my frustrations
are coming ahead;
I need this to clear my head.

Going back to New York,
we’re returning Sunday afternoon.

Putting my baby
and me on a boat on Labor Day,
to Bear Mountain,
for some couple time upstate,
that’s why we’re leaving.

I hope we don’t get lost
along the way,
looking out for bears
and his fears & hesitations,

Still, I can’t wait
to leave.
We need a break from our home.

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