They at Shea (8/15/65)

The sounds of the first-ever 
major stadium rock concert
were deafening, the songs 
were actually transmitted on 
old PA systems and the taller
VOX amps hardly did 
the original music and film
any justice 
(now all re-digitized in three countries, for 2016)

These favorite boys from 
across the pond for several years
(they were still in their 20s!),
couldn’t hear a thing 
thanks to the screaming of
thousands of fans; thanks to them,
the mega rock stadium shows started on that night;
caught between two monsters,
playing mechanically, eyes crazed
as they sweated for a heavy 30 minutes, bowing to the machine 
they were responsible for, 
but playing as an unit, in perfect 
time, giving a great show, despite 
of the other nonsenses 
set on the road,
they could do no wrong
on that historical night.

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