Thoughts on Friday afternoon, Columbus Day weekend 2021

Even though I grew up

from 2 white collar working-class parents

and earned my Masters,

The dirt under my fingernails 

always stayed put,

even under the thickest Aqua lather—

The bars are now open

but they are empty,

even on a Friday afternoon.

The wasps are starting to wean

away from our summer-burned heads

hidden under the patio roof umbrella.

Fall is here, without its vibrant colors.

Subways are full of schoolchildren again. 

Favorite hoodies are worn in.

Gin and tonics never fail to work their magic;

the work refrigerator is now clean.

Welcome to another long weekend! 

Blooming onions never cease to amaze me,

even when there’s only crab cakes 

warming up the table.

“We’re at LIC!” the dude 

with a Guinness talks to his friend

on the phone at the bar.

George Michael sings 

“Freedom” on the radio. 

Soon, my dears,

we will all 

be free, to do 

what we want.

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