Mother Nature is not usually vindictive towards men,

except when she bows out of the way for storms.

Maybe she was written out of the plan for land domination

when the sea and the wind chose to combine forces.

Harvey did have a score to settle with his big sister Katrina:

If she can do it, I can too…

What was he trying to prove, this mad tropical storm,

that he was the bigger man?

Like the rest of the named hurricanes, he didn’t care

about lives lost, properties destroyed, families uprooted,

land waterlogged, changing the fabric

of the Texas & Louisiana shorelines forever.

His destruction tendencies, shown in hundreds of miles,

his crowning achievements, his wrath upon innocent humans,

was nothing but a blip on radar,

a bloody feather in his cap,

an aged diamond drowned in the deep.

The forest holds slim-picked animals 

(for money)

even for one family 

when all the children are starving.
Each brother is hungry 

for his own section of fresh meat

from the same animal,

bleeding fast & profusely 

upon the green
Will they divide 

their shared kill evenly?

Or will they sharpen their blades

against their own flesh,

so to gain a higher tribute 

from the elders?
If one has to face the ones they love,

those growing distant over time,

and their taste of water is now 

different from where 

they came from,

coloring their tongues in new

traces of metal,

so they talk and taste 

so different now…
Remember the love you had shared,

and don’t let the new blood

grow cold, thanks to

your indifferences.
Let your armor be of leather,

not of metal.

Let your gloves be velvet,

your arrows be sharp & sound,

let them fly true.
But don’t produce wounds

that can never ever be healed,

for they are also your blood.

The worst of blows

will cause pain to radiate forever.
Be careful what you do & say.

Sometimes the best offensive move

is to do nothing.