Autumn rain hits hard and cold

outside the Temple, after the long taxi ride;

empty inside, but warm & inviting 

He forgot his umbrella,

his mom will be upset when

she finds out;

every man for himself 

We can’t forget this night,

apples dipped in honey,

toasting another sweet year

as we wipe away the rain 

hopefully, not to bring any more pain—

& the fevers

of sickness and loneliness 

are not wanted now,

the trees are still covered in green,

full of wet leaves,

still sweet-looking.

Girl with wonderous eyes, 

she stayed & sovereigned so 

even though she never thought 

she would be in charge for 70 years. 

Born third in line, 

she was a normal princess. 

But, thanks to her uncle and father, 

she was first, in everything.   

Her nation became modern under her watch. 

Even with scandals, she stood firm, 

riding out storms, wars & the terrible years 

when her family & countrymen experienced their growing pains. 

She received the hardest job as a young wife and mother. 

Now her descendants & subjects dot the Earth 

as spirits showed off a double rainbow at Buckingham palace, 

the very minute she passed away in Scotland. 

Amidst the tears, Lillibet,  

you stood firm & true. 

What would we do now 

without you? 

While others drink pumpkin & apple-favored drinks,

a new chill fills the air

as the kids return to school.

Hopefully all will be well—

A new chill fills the air.

Fear is slowly disappearing. 

Hopefully all will be well

before the next disaster hits.

Fear is slowly disappearing. 

People are smiling again.

Before the next disaster hits,

we will wrap ourselves in new sweaters!

People are smiling again.

As the kids return to school,

we will wrap ourselves in new sweaters

while others drink pumpkin & apple-favored drinks—