I’m not planning to stare directly at the sun.

I value my eyes more than most anyone.

But co-workers egg me on.

They complain:

“We should have seen it in Mexico!”

I have viewing glasses,

but I’ll be in transit,

moving on the 7 train

these days have been insane

but I am still excited—

until I was on the roof.

After 3 minutes seeing the partial

through my magic glasses,

I freaked out 

& ran downstairs,

watching heavenly blue coronas

form on NASA.com

in both Detroit and upstate New York.

That’s enough.

After the eclipse,

people on the subway

are quiet, kind, patient & generous.

Spooked too—

I walk slowly & deliberately,

keeping the newly-born Sun

upon my back.

I want everything to melt soon, this “forever white”

snow, a new embankment formed from the mountainside

so that no flood waters flow. Pages of white-

lined paper are my only amusement these days

after the sudden avalanche. The winter’s white

light looks bright as summer’s, but it’s bristly cold.

Caught between two hard places, this white

track is too dangerous to go unaccompanied by foot.

Stuck here until it melts, I dream of white

flowers, their intoxicating sweet scents

taking me out of bed, until I see the still white

paths glistening in the sun. Not yet–not yet.

Published in “Looking in, looking out: an international anthology of poetry and short stories” (Willowdown Books: November 2023)

Mind’s swirling 

with New Year’s resolutions,

the Earth is now

closest to the Sun.

Will everyone

benefit from this 

fortune today,

even those who are scraping by?

Why all this suffering & struggle,

pretending to live fat,

out of our means?

Let’s bow towards the Sun,

breathe fully, eat better, exercise,

save $, pay down debts,

make better decisions.

Little by little, 

our circumstances might improve

even in a chaotic world like this,

it turns & glides around the Sun

like it was born to do.

We are all born into pain,

we carry traumas within our skin,

organs & bones; Joy is also possible.

Joy is an elixir—warming us

in a cold January day

like sunshine.  

This is a late Valentine’s gift

for you—I hid the evidence.

Sorry I’ve been forgetful.

I still love you!

For you, I hid the evidence

of neglect and self-hatred.

I still love you!

The chain mail of sadness I wore

of neglect and self-hatred,

it used to be strong, like our love.

The chain mail of sadness I wore

it now feels like an all-cotton T-shirt.

It used to be strong. Like our love—

(Sorry…I’ve been forgetful)

it now feels like an all-cotton T-shirt.

This is a late Valentine’s gift.

Love is present everywhere, 

in many different forms, 

not just bred for romance. 

Take a chance; 

hold your arms out 

towards the Universes! 

All will receive it. 

Only when one is  

ready & willing to receive, 

to give as well as take, 

to work & play hard, 

to surrender fully, 

to not fixate on false hopes 

& not press their luck 

on empty promises, 

when jokes become serious, 

when violence is recognized 

& eradicated, 

when the clueless gain understanding, 

when children remember their parents 

& to not blame or ridicule them, 

when parents see their children as people 

& to not blame or ridicule them, 

when the pedestals are destroyed, 

bubbles are burst, 

worldviews transformed, 

after digging out of inner abysses, 

setting fire to slave-ships of bad thoughts, 

taping over the vile voices one invents, 

casting themselves down, 

shooting themselves in the dark— 

when the love of self is alive & kicking, 

when the love of others is present, 

love is real, tangible, 

making the heart beat its dance. 

The sun is a hot bruise, 

lighting up the now cold bed 

where we once laid— 

Even though  

I will never tell you 

where I’ve been, 

I will wait forever  

for you to call out 

my name again 

as I search your name feverishly in the sky. 

Our names could have been entwined, 

sheltered from the jealous sun— 

but you disappeared  

without leaving behind any possible plans. 

I now lie in this bed, used. 

O gentle followers,

put down your heavy-laden, colorful bags

& sing songs, & say inspirational words

in your chosen place of worship.

Put down your heavy-laden, colorful bags!

Send forth good thoughts of generosity 

in your chosen place of worship.

Provide love & care for your family.

Send forth good thoughts of generosity 

& give to those who need.

Provide love & care for your family.

Try to do good this holiday season,

& give to those who need,

& sing songs, & say inspirational words.

Try to do good this holiday season,

O gentle followers!

This is the time to extinguish fear. 

All teeth need to be cleaned,  

after digesting sugary sweets & coffee drinks.  

Dentists are not evil.  

All teeth need to be cleaned! 

“But my gums continue to bleed—” 

Dentists are not evil;  

they just want to help you  

“…but my gums continue to bleed,” 

you shake your head; your hands tremble. 

They just want to help you.  

It’s going to be okay.  

You shake your head; your hands tremble 

after digesting sugary sweets & coffee drinks. 

It’s going to be okay— 

This is the time to extinguish fear. 

Autumn rain hits hard and cold

outside the Temple, after the long taxi ride;

empty inside, but warm & inviting 

He forgot his umbrella,

his mom will be upset when

she finds out;

every man for himself 

We can’t forget this night,

apples dipped in honey,

toasting another sweet year

as we wipe away the rain 

hopefully, not to bring any more pain—

& the fevers

of sickness and loneliness 

are not wanted now,

the trees are still covered in green,

full of wet leaves,

still sweet-looking.

Girl with wonderous eyes, 

she stayed & sovereigned so 

even though she never thought 

she would be in charge for 70 years. 

Born third in line, 

she was a normal princess. 

But, thanks to her uncle and father, 

she was first, in everything.   

Her nation became modern under her watch. 

Even with scandals, she stood firm, 

riding out storms, wars & the terrible years 

when her family & countrymen experienced their growing pains. 

She received the hardest job as a young wife and mother. 

Now her descendants & subjects dot the Earth 

as spirits showed off a double rainbow at Buckingham palace, 

the very minute she passed away in Scotland. 

Amidst the tears, Lillibet,  

you stood firm & true. 

What would we do now 

without you?