Overcast at dinner,
they all continued dancing

out in the yard

where the folk music played

and the totem pole bloomed,

their makeshift crowns blooming.
We forgot to drink tonight;

I would had danced with them.
The rain fell soft and cool;

meatballs with savory sour cream

and lingonberry jam

warmed my palate;

the waffles were too 

textually soft today
I’d flashback to my trip at 22

when I drank vodka with my cousins

in Vaxholm every day;

(I should had got some sex but didn’t);

I missed Midsommar over there,

I was on a ferry to Finland,

I missed the festivities and the hedonistic carryings-on,

my grandparents wanted to see Finland.
I’m here and not 22.

It’s a love-in 

as my NY Jewish friend says,

complete with beautiful 

fiddle players in folk dress.
We walked in Battery Park

seeing the sights:

the Clinton Castle,

the Stained Glass carousel,

the Globe that was on

the Twin Tower
It was pouring 

by the time we reached

the South Ferry station;

we entered the 1

on automated raised steps

in the humid platform.
Sunset still had an hour to go

but we had to go,

and the rain hasn’t stopped yet.

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