The glory of the ’90s

I thought my adventures in 1994

was noteworthy:

graduating college the same week Kurt Cobain died, flying home from Sweden the same day OJ’s Ford Bronco was trying to Escape…

But I didn’t grow up in LA, or had worked at Spin like John, who

once watched Madonna perform

her “Holiday” grunge-style at

her own house for a Halloween party.

I can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic

about twenty years ago,

when one can listen to world music

at record stores’ listening stations,

and can dance shamelessly with

huge headphones on, for an entire afternoon, or after the late-night movie,

and when everyone had only

answering machines,

and could disappear for whole

days if they wanted to,

and 2 hot dogs cost $1.00.

Explaining the ’90s to Millennials is exhausting.

Princess Di was a major treasure!

I’m in my mid-40’s now.

I need a nap after drinking two beers, and I still sway whenever grunge music plays on the radio.

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