Remembrance Day

We should never forget
when we were the unwilling pawns of madmen

who ushered out death sentences
due to cults of personality,
who robbed good people blind for their own profits,
who tried to destroy historical objects and actual stories in order to get ahead,
who trapped those who were perceived as rats and pigs,
but were doves and gentle dogs trying to find their way home,
wandering in endless fields,
hidden in overgrown trees,
sailing in boats with no home port to escape to—-

All the deaths, ongoing for many years,
the wasted hidden potentials snuffed out before their time,
possible cures and inventions to help humanity,
never realized,
families shattered, stripped, eschewed, abandoned, changed forever—-

My husband’s family,
half of its elder, original members that carried the torch for hundreds of years,
is now dust, thanks to war.

Genocide is still happening,
we haven’t learned the lesson:

The slaughter continues;
will we ever learn to stop the senseless killing?
We must at least try to remember this,
no more killing,
please good people,
no more

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