Untitled (‘Cause Cancer had come to call), for Devon M. Magness

‘Cause Cancer had come to call, he’s no welcome guest.
The surgeons took a big hunk of skin from my sister’s arm,
three lymph nodes under the tender armpit and neck,
and a biopsy from her stomach, since her voice has grown
deep & rusty as if it had run-over by razor blades.

‘Cause Cancer had come to call upon this tough, youngish lioness,
whose growl could tame the winds of the Serengeti,
or North Texas, when tornados stay in Springtime, setting up shop,
she could had conquered everything in her path for her two cubs,
the first three operations (arm, neck, stomach) did do her in yesterday
but now she’s prowling at Wal-Mart, getting things done—

‘Cause Cancer had come to call, it will get expensive;
her friends and family send love, support and money online,
so she could still pay the bills between treatments.
Mom stayed behind to mind the kids, and to aid my sister when she’s sick.
We sent money; I wished I was there to do more—-

‘Cause Cancer had come to call,
I pray every day that he don’t claim her.
She just turned 40; her best years are ahead,
and I dread those later years if I’d end up losing her—

But she’s fine, one day at a time—
Just don’t get too comfortable
when cancer comes to call.

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