Thinking about love (2/8/23)

Love is present everywhere, 

in many different forms, 

not just bred for romance. 

Take a chance; 

hold your arms out 

towards the Universes! 

All will receive it. 

Only when one is  

ready & willing to receive, 

to give as well as take, 

to work & play hard, 

to surrender fully, 

to not fixate on false hopes 

& not press their luck 

on empty promises, 

when jokes become serious, 

when violence is recognized 

& eradicated, 

when the clueless gain understanding, 

when children remember their parents 

& to not blame or ridicule them, 

when parents see their children as people 

& to not blame or ridicule them, 

when the pedestals are destroyed, 

bubbles are burst, 

worldviews transformed, 

after digging out of inner abysses, 

setting fire to slave-ships of bad thoughts, 

taping over the vile voices one invents, 

casting themselves down, 

shooting themselves in the dark— 

when the love of self is alive & kicking, 

when the love of others is present, 

love is real, tangible, 

making the heart beat its dance. 

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