Lost in Dreamtime (a Waltz)

Did a Dreamtime walkabout

today in Australia 

couldn’t wake up for many hours 

sorry for letting you hang out

as I tried not to drown

sweating in our bed

guess my busy head’s 

been both up & down,

my feet flying off the ground

& I wish I could see us


to anyplace we’ve never been before

& the infection 

has grounded all the planes

& boats

circling the shore

& I want to spend summertime 

in December 

with you,

but remember

only in Dreamtime 

it could happen,

but no one else 

was granted a key

to my imagination 

where koalas were

are big as kiwis,

where trees

sang the sweetest melodies 

at the shore

Wish you were here—

just 5 minutes more—

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