Yesterday I bought enough things

to wear for Fall; I saved almost $150

thanks to the sale.

I still heard my mother’s words:

“New pants won’t buy you happiness

when you’re in debt.”

We came out of our mother already in debt;

we grew up with almost nothing,

wearing hand-me-downs from Target.

We wore out our dreams too fast

even when they were too big for us.

Credit card payments are now heavy.

I wore my new navy pants today.

The seam on the side highlights my ass nicely.

The thigh area is not full of holes,

unlike the other pants that remain in my closet.

Why can’t anything fit or last anymore?

If there was a tree where one finds

happiness growing out of it,

at no cost for each consumer,

where can I find it?

For right now,

even while I’m in debt,

these pants do look good;

they were a wise investment.

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