Reflections of “Dig a Pony”

You can celebrate anything you want.
Amen, Amen, Amen;
this is most certainly true,
and at any time you want as well.
You can penetrate any place you go,
just remember where’s it been
and where you are going…to put it…  
You can radiate everything you are.
Are we all capable of forming such positive energy always?
Or, will the energy we give off
sometimes seems more nuclear?
You can imitate any one you know,
but hopefully it won’t be for forever,
because you are far too luscious
to be like anyone else.
You can indicate everything that you see.
That is the writer’s predicament,
knowing what elements to accurately describe for the reader
and when to lie outright, for the sake of a good story.
You can syndicate every boat you row;
sailing alone is possible,
but without the efforts of a dedicated crew,
reaching shore again might be impossible.

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