My head’s a Ziploc 

bag of water,

totally Zoomed online & out

from an Amtrak train

it’s plain to see

my mind’s not making

any new thoughts—

they swim away swiftly 

like hot tuna 

& my body’s wrapped up

in a black bathrobe,

200 lbs of new fatted flesh

& my legs are frozen 

from hours of traveling,

& I want to think 

new thoughts again

like I used to 

but here’s the Olympics!

they are all tan & toned

& incredible,

no frozen fat here

I wonder what they think about

before they compete 

for the gold?

I used to have golden thoughts 

& was thinner before 2020

(not blaming COVID, maybe


we didn’t have sex

in the beautiful hotel room

(another damn period),

but I still felt golden

because I was exploring 

another place

with my love.

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