I think I’m in love

as if I saw a rainbow

in a cerulean sky


I give my heart

so easily, before the madness

& before anything else starts


I’m still on the train—

the signal will cut out soon.

Why can’t you understand?

the inner pain—

& yes,

I’m still wearing a mask

so I can protect 

others from me

from any stuff 

I might be carrying

But is it enough?

We all have to be tough,

even though 

we are still vulnerable, 

pushing the red wheelbarrow 

up & down

& all around—

& when rainbow flags shine,

I wonder where is mine—

are bisexuals part

of the equation,

& color scheme anymore?

hidden romance 

under a cerulean sky,

fading into lavender?


are we still hiding?

I still wonder—

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