Emotional holocaust

You now admire Kim Jong Un
after working with him,
after seeing how his powers of suggestion
dazzle his people—

The cult of personality passed down by his daddy
really affects the entire populace of his country,
and you want to attain a similar kind of undying power
while governing your followers
as you try to win the Nobel Peace Prize,
while sanctioning the many decades of tyranny
of North Korea’s regime—

But what about the children?
The countless refugees and would-be immigrants to our country,
these innocents now brutally separated from their parents,
urgently trying to escape their home countries’ regimes’ rapes and murders
(a lot of North Koreans tried to escape to China after threats of death,
and why did they want to do that?)

Mr. President?
Are you going to say something about this?
Or…are you defending your new buddy
by covering your own ass?

All these young kids need “a shower,”
no goodbyes are necessary,
it’s like leaving them at preschool,
all children cry—
It’s no freaking preschool;
children are screaming bloody murder!
Are they losing their parents, possibly forever?

Hitler did this with the Jews,
separating parents from children
and husbands from wives,
all with the promise of a “shower” to clean up the mess

There were no more Hitlers in Germany or Austria after WWII;
that family name is now permanently erased.
Keep going along this path, Mr. President,
and there will be no more Trumps.
If your family members do have any hearts left,
they should distance themselves from your name
due to your sanctioned emotional holocaust—

Will your obsession with immortality
and sweet dreams of dictatorship
be worth all the pain you have caused?

(2/3rds of our country now view you as mad
since you hate the emotional power of whole, intact families
who are now uprooted violently by their tender hearts,
standing alone in stalemate
without a country,
their children taken away like pawns in a chess game?)

Is this worth it, this emotional holocaust that is creating your legacy
so you can be more like Kim Jong Un?

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