All the brides can now come out in full force,
every cowboy can come off of their horse
and rest for a spell,
before they can ride off into the sunset,
‘cause it’s Juneday!

All the fabulous people, the crazy stags
who either are proud and out
or are closeted fags,
can now unfold their rainbow flags
‘cause it’s Juneday!

Even when the rain is falling,
June is a great chick,
who gets into good trouble quick,
and nothing really bad ever sticks
around to spoil the party—

I’m calling you now,
my love.
Remember when, then, my love?
when we were married on the 18th,
on Sir Paul’s 64th birthday,
and it was Father’s Day,
so I saw my Daddy cry
as he held my hand, the hand of the bride
while we were riding in the limo—

I prayed for happiness,
love and faithfulness.
June is full of those days, full of sunshine
(well, not today),

and it’s almost just the same,
we just said “Adios” to May
(She was a tropical fish,
a wishy, flower-spiked dish,
with a weird sense of humor;
she kept us all in stitches,
too big for her britches)

June’s another big girl,
let’s give her a whirl…..

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